Model Kelly Kay Shares Ultrasound Photos From Spencer Webb’s Grave With Post Malone Track “I Fall Apart” Playing

Model Kelly Kay and Spencer Webb baby
(Kelly Kay/Instagram)

Model Kelly Kay, the girlfriend of late Oregon tight end Spencer Webb, shared a photo on her Instagram Story from Webb’s grave with Post Malone’s track “I Fall Apart” bumping in the background. 

Kelly Kay Mourns Deceased Boyfriend: How Did Spencer Webb Die?

Kay announced that she was expecting a baby with Webb in August, a few weeks after the football player died when he hit his head during a cliff-diving accident while visiting western Oregon’s Triangle Lake in July of 2022. Webb was 22 years old and preparing for his fifth season at the Power Five school.


Kelly Kay posts about expected baby with Spencer Webb
(Kelly Kay/Instagram)

“[Webb] was climbing a rock formation or face and slipped. He hit his head [and] fell into the water,” Lane County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Tom Speldrich said in a statement after the accident. “Bystanders and paramedics found him unresponsive and were unable to revive him.”

In the Instagram post, Kay sat on a blanket in front of Webb’s grave with a strip of her latest ultrasound photos laid out in front of her. 

“Family bonding day,” she wrote, adding emojis of an infinity symbol, a spider, a web and a white heart.

Circumstances like this are never easy. The sheriff’s office described Webb’s death as an accident, as there was no evidence of foul play, but his loss impacted plenty of people and disrupted the beautiful life that he was building for himself. 

Who Is Kelly Kay? 

Kelly Kay is a 30-year-old Instagram and OnlyFans model with over 750K followers. When Webb passed Kelly expressed her sorrow over social media.

Below a series of pictures of the two, she wrote: “My best friend my twin flame the love of my life.

“I’ve never loved anything as much as i love you. You were my everything, you gave me purpose, you showed me what it’s like to be cherished and valued and seen for me.”

“You always put everybody else before yourself and I’ll try to hold the same kindness in my heart ❤️‍🔥

Instagram and OnlyFans model Kelly Kay
(Kelly Kay/Instagram)

The post ended with: “from this life to the next one baby I love you so much and I’ll find you again 🕊🕸.”

The pair went public with their relationship via social media on July 12, 2022. Sadly, just one day before he tragically lost his life. On Monday, August 22, she announced via Instagram that she is expecting Spencer’s child.

“We created an angel before heaven gained one 🕊 all you ever wanted was to be was a father,” wrote the model.

Kay’s recent reminder of Webb’s memory and the new life he left behind is even more disheartening when you realize how much Spencer had to overcome just to get to the point of stability, calm and confidence he had reached before tragically passing away. 

Why Did Spencer Webb Have A Rough Childhood?

On his way to becoming a football star, Webb reportedly had a tough upbringing as his biological parents deserted him when he was an adolescent. 

According to, “Webb was initially raised by his grandfather, Donald ‘Spido’ Webb, before he passed away when Webb was five.  After Donald’s passing, Spencer lived with his aunts, uncles, and family friends. The challenging situation forced him to mature faster than his peers.”

Spencer would see his father sporadically but says he never saw his mom at all.

“I never really had a mom or dad in my life,” Spencer said. “They chose to do other things, bad things, so it’s been me and my brother. I had a dream, he had a dream and we’re making that dream happen. It doesn’t really bother me now not knowing my mom. She missed out.”

Spencer Webb’s Brother & Wife Become His Adoptive Parents

After living a nomadic lifestyle for several years, Spencer’s brother Cody and his wife, Alicia, became his adoptive parents.

According to People magazine, with such an unconventional lifestyle and lacking the guidance of true parents, Webb had to learn about life on his own in many ways and was constantly in trouble, until he settled into his football career and decided to devote his energies to becoming a force on the field. 

Webb’s brother was very influential in helping him get on the right track, and once he did, Webb blossomed into a star tight end while playing football at Christian Brothers High School. The 6-foot-6 receiver dominated the competition with 61 catches for 1,063 yards and 23 touchdowns and was a hot college prospect. He was a consensus four-star recruit, ranked as the No. 1 tight end in California by both 247Sports and ESPN. 

Webb committed to Oregon’s wide-open offense over offers from several powerhouses and Power schools including California, Colorado State, Florida State, Hawaii, San Diego State, UCLA, Texas A&M, Wyoming, and Oregon State, among others. 

Was Spencer Webb Good At Football?  

When he passed, Webb received an outpouring of love, kind words and fond memories from family, and friends.

NFL player Arik Armstead, who played collegiately at Oregon, tweeted a video clip of him and Webb shaking hands in the locker room. “Rest easy lil bro,” Armstead wrote. “Great young man with a promising future gone too soon.”

Kelly Kay kissing her baby daddy Spencer Webb
(Kelly Kay/Instagram)

In his four seasons at the University of Oregon, Webb made 31 catches for 296 yards and scored four touchdowns. Spencer was supposed to have a breakout season and possibly position himself for the NFL draft, playing in an explosive offensive system that currently ranks third in the country in total offense, averaging a whopping 40.2 points per game.

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