Michael Jackson Promoters Cleared Of Any Wrongdoing

    The promoters for Michael Jackson's final tour were cleared of a potential $1.5 billion in damages for Jackson's death. The trial centered on whether the doctor hired by AEG, Dr. Conrad Murray, was incompetent to care for Jackson in the run-up to his scheduled performances in London. 

    Mrs. Jackson’s suit centered on whether her son or A.E.G. Live was responsible for hiring and supervising Dr. Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter two years ago and is serving a prison sentence.

    A.E.G. Live portrayed Jackson as a superstar version of a classic drug abuser who went to any lengths necessary for drugs to alleviate his chronic pain and help him sleep. The company “never would have agreed to finance this tour if it knew Michael Jackson was playing Russian roulette every night in his bedroom,” Mr. Putnam said in his closing statement.

    To portray Jackson’s downfall as one of his own making, the company called doctors and nurses who said that the singer had asked them for propofol; when they refused to comply, and told Jackson that the drug was dangerous, they were often immediately shut out of Jackson’s inner circle as he sought the drug through other means, they said.

    The jury agreed with the latter assessment, meaning AEG was not held responsible for Jackson's downfall. They read their verdict, in what was apparently the most confused jury of all time.