Miami Hurricanes Caught Up In The FBI College Hoops Investigation

The University of Miami acknowledged last night that the school’s men’s basketball program is being looked at as part of the ongoing FBI investigation that has rocked the college hoops world. Miami, Auburn, Arizona, Louisville, Oklahoma State and USC are the list of schools thus far that have been publicly connected to the unprecedented probe.

University of Miami on Twitter

A message from President Frenk regarding University of Miami Athletics

In court documents, there are FBI accusations that Jim Gatto, an Adidas employee, was working with an assistant coach from Miami to pay $150,000 to the family of a high-profile prospect in the class of 2018. The plan was supposedly hatched in order to get the player under the brand’s college basketball umbrella with hopes of signing him to a contract to represent Adidas once he turned pro.

The Miami coaching staff, many of whom were on the road recruiting, was immediately ordered to return to campus.

“The University of Miami is aware of the indictments handed down today by the Department of Justice involving several men’s college basketball programs, coaches, financial advisors, agents and apparel executives,” Miami athletic director Blake James said on Tuesday. “As we are just learning the details, we cannot comment on the actions taken today by federal authorities. However, if requested, we will cooperate in any legal or NCAA review of the matter.”

Duke vs. Miami Men’s Basketball Highlights (2016-17)

Duke vs. Miami: Freshman Bruce Brown led Miami to an impressive 55-50 win over No. 10 Duke. Brown scored a game-high 25 points and shot 11 for 18 from the floor. The Hurricanes defense had a big day slowing down the Blue Devils offense, only allowing Duke to shoot 32 percent from the field.

As of now, no one associated with the University of Miami has been charged, but we’ve only scratched the surface of where this story will go.

Stay tuned. There seems to be plenty more news to come on the investigation.

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