Miami Dolphins Consider Signing Colin Kaepernick As Insurance Policy

After Baltimore Ravens ownership played the sucker role and fronted on Colin Kaepernick, it seemed as if the controversial quarterback’s options and hopes for finding a team before the 2017 season begins had evaporated. 

In a strange twist of fate and opportunity, Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill suffered a non-contact leg injury during practice on Thursday morning. The MRI revealed no structural damage to his knee, but Adam Schefter reported Thursday night that the Dolphins are concerned that Tannehill – who led Miami to an 8-5 record in his 13 starts last season and completed 67 percent of his passes, accumulating nearly 3,000 yards with 19 touchdowns against 12 interceptions – may need season-ending surgery.

Joe Schad on Twitter

Adam Gase: Right now, Matt Moore is our QB. Surgery is a possibility for Tannehill.

No decision on the surgery has been made yet, according to Schefter, but Dolphins coach Adam Gase acknowledged the option was on the table:

Now, Josina Anderson of ESPN reports that the Dolphins are the latest team to publicly mention signing Colin Kaepernick as insurance. Matt Moore is a capable backup for Miami, probably one of the best in the NFL, but he has no dynamic elements to him. Other quarterbacks on the roster include Brandon Doughty and David Fales. 

Joe Schad on Twitter

Miami Dolphins QB Matt Moore: ‘I’ve done this before.’

This could just be another team posturing; acting as if they have interest in Kaepernick, but ultimately blaming the public backlash for not signing him. If the Dolphins have no real intentions of signing Kaepernick, then they shouldn’t be wasting time by starting a firestorm of social media speculation and giving Kaepernick’s supporters false hope. 

The way NFL owners are treating Kaepernick is almost cruel and inhumane at this point. If he is going to be blackballed then they should just do it. Why act as if the franchise is genuinely considering bringing him in when in reality the decision to pass on him was already made ?

So here we are once again. An NFL team with serious issues at QB has a chance to bring in the best available pigskin slinger. 

Will Kaep get a fair shake? Are the reports of Miamis interest just fuel for the social media mill? Who knows, but Tannehill’s injury has now put the onus on Miamis owners to either show their allegiance to the racially-jaded and prehistoric collusion that is going on or be leaders and true to their fans by putting the best product on the field and an end to this sad state of NFL affairs.  

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