Memphis’ D.J. Stephens Is The Most Athletic Player In The Nation

Over the last few days, I've found myself intrigued by AXE's "Everybody Loves An Astronaut" ad campaign. It's creative and I'd imagine Memphis fans feel the same way about beloved senior guard/cosmonaut D.J. Stephens. He's never taken part in a launch sequence, but Stephens' hops allow him to visit the air up there frequently. When he leaps for a dunk, there are times it appears like he's jumping off a trampoline with a jetpack. Then, somewhere in the mesosphere, he reaches gravities limits, runs out of fuel, hangs for a minute and gracefully crashes back down like Felix Baumgartner skydiving from outer space. But don't let me ruin the experience. An important axiom to live by whether it's literature or life is, "show don't tell". I'll let the tape tell his tale.

DJ Stephens alley-oop vs. Southern Miss

Tell me he's not Superman without a cape. I dare you. Here he is leaping tall buildings to snag an oop off an inbounds pass.

Here is his 100th career dunk. They're actually counting his dunks like kids tallying eggs at Easter.
Here he is taking a quick trip like he's Virgin Atlantic and keeping it PG-13 by kissing the rim.

If that shot had gone up, Stephens could have blocked it with his feet.



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