Melo Begins His Journey To Houston With Trade To The Hawks

Carmelo Anthony has moved one step closer to signing with the Houston Rockets. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Melo is on his way out of Oklahoma City. 

In a complicated three-team deal, the Thunder traded Melo and a protected pick to Atlanta in exchange for point guard Dennis Schrder. Melo is expected to be waived by the Hawks, at which point he will sign with a team of his choosing.

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Oklahoma City has agreed to trade Carmelo Anthony and a protected 2022 first-round pick to Atlanta for point guard Dennis Schroder and Mike Muscala, league sources tell ESPN. Anthony will be waived, and he will join team of his choice. Rockets are frontrunner.

You can look at this two ways. Either Melo still got the juice and people are bending over backwards to accommodate him, or OKC so desperately wanted him gone that the organization worked tirelessly to accommodate him. 

Nearly two weeks after it was reported that the Thunder and Anthony would part ways,
Sam Presti was finally able to trade the aging ex-superstar away. And he got a young, lightening quick point guard in Schrder and former first round pick Timoth Luwawu-Cabarrot. 

Schrder and Russ in the same backcourt should be a locomotive nightmare for opposing teams. 

Dennis Schrder – Welcome to OKC – 2018 Highlights

It’s going to be interesting to see how productive Schrder can be playing alongside Westbrook – they both like the handle the ball after all. Follow me on Instagram: – Remember to Share and Subscribe for more videos throughout the season! Enjoy!

As for Melo, his one-year trial in OKC is over and once he negotiates a deal with Houston, he should be ready to go. If you ask me, he made the move to Houston a year too late. If Houston had Melo this past season, they might have been able to overcome the loss of CP3 and pull out a seven game series against Golden State. 

Melos offensive prowess would have definitely helped and who knows, maybe he gets throwback hot that night. He only had to be deadly for one Game 7. Joining this seasons Rockets squad will put Melo in contention for a title, but slashing through the Western Conference will be even more difficult.  

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Top 5 teams in the NBA, given Kawhi plays and is healthy: 1. Golden State 2. Houston 3. Boston 4. Toronto 5. Philly

The road to the Western Conference Finals is even more formidable than last season. In addition to lacking two key pieces in Trevor Ariza (signed with Phoenix Suns) and unsigned Clint Capela, LeBron signing with Magics Lakers, and the fortifications the Dynasty Warriors have made, lessens Houston’s chances of getting over that hump. 

Houston’s championship window shut last season. Therefore, Melo may have secured the bag, but he’s missed another chance to be a champion.

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