Mayhem In The A.M. Hosts Dismissed After Steve Gleason Skit

Two radio hosts suspended for a controversial skit that poked fun at Steve Gleason's ALS have expressed diametrically opposing reactions after getting fired on Thursday. While co-host Chris Dimino issued a contrite apology, Nick Cellini is going out kicking and screaming.


"The sheer stupidity of trying to put this as a failed attempt at humor is not lost on me," Dimino wrote. "The words 'Should have known better' mean nothing to me. And shouldn't to you right now."

The rest of the clear-headed, heartfelt message reads like a devastated family man that understands how a few wayward minutes can change a life.

"I hope I get a chance to prove this is not who I want to be," Dimino wrote. "It was and is who 'I am' today though. That much is not lost on me. I have spent so long not trying to put other people in a bad place because of me. Today I failed miserably."

Cellini, who played the role of Gleason's robotic voice in the skit, blistered the station on Monday morning.

In comments to, Cellini says it was a "relief" to get fired. While he issued the customary apology, Cellini also said the skit just gave the station an excuse to cut salary and hire a cheaper morning show.

"That station is a sinking ship," Cellini said.


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