“Mattress Mack” Places $1.5M Bet On TCU To Win CFP National Championship | Can His World Series Luck Crossover?

Mattress Mack bets TCU to upset Georgia
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Jim McIngvale is a renowned furniture mogul, Houston Astros fan and resident of Houston.

Who Is Mattress Mack?

The multi-millionaire affectionately known as “Mattress Mack” has long made his claim to fame by placing big bets on major sporting events, particularly teams from the Lone Star State.

This year’s CFP national championship game will feature the upstart TCU Horned Frogs who are a huge 13-point underdog to the defending national champion Georgia Bulldogs.

How Much Did Mattress Mack bet on TCU?

Mack placed a $1.5M bet on the Horned Frogs shocking the Bulldogs. A win by TCU on Monday would net Mack a $5.5M payout.

Most fans would look at Mack’s wager as throwing money away, because few believe TCU will upset UGA. But not many gave the Horned Frogs much of a chance going into last weekend’s CFP semifinals matchup with the Michigan Wolverines either.  From the onset of that matchup, TCU looked like the better team, winning a wild upset 51-45. That had to give Mack and other bettors hope that this team is destined to make history.

Mack Is No Stranger To Winning Big: World Series Prediction Nets Huge Payday

In October, Mack, a diehard Houston Astros fan placed a $10M wager on them winning the Fall Classic.

When the team finished off the Philadelphia Phillies in six games, Mack took home a whopping $75M payday for his World Series wager. The payout is believed to be the biggest payout in sports betting history.

His initial bet of $3M was placed when the Astros boasted 10-1 odds last May. He then placed other stakes, bringing his grand total to that unreal number of $75M.

In response to Mack’s history-making win, Ken Fuchs, COO for Caesar’s Digital, which took Mack’s original bet, said this.

“What can we say? We just wrote the biggest check in sports betting history to Mattress Mack for $30M,” said Fuchs.

Mack has traditionally used the winnings to balance many of the promotions he has at his chain furniture stores.

Mattress Mack is a man of the people, and here’s what he told FoxTV26 following his Astros’ second World Series title in six seasons.

“Whatever we can do to make people’s lives better even if it’s through this magical game of baseball, we will,” McIngvale said.

Just Like Any Bettor Mack Takes His Share Of L’s 

While, Mack hit big on the World Series, he also lost $9.5M when the Bengals lost the Super Bowl to the Rams in February. 

Now he’s hoping Sonny Dykes and his Horned Frogs can somehow knock off the supremely talented Bulldogs in a game many believe won’t be close. But for Mack, he doesn’t hold’ em or fold’ em, he just keep wagering large amounts of money with the hope of coming up on the right side.