Marshall Henderson’s “Get Out Of Trouble Free” Pass Finally Expired

During the Ole Miss Rebels' run through the SEC Tournament and into March Madness, Marshall Henderson's constantly-running mouth made him a Tournament star. However, it also seemed like he was getting a free pass for some over-the-top behavior. People also seemed to find his antics amusing, instead of disrespectful or clownish while simultaneously sweeping his past transgressions under the rug. Those included two transfers from previous schools, a matching pair of arrests and a drug test that came back positive for cocaine. That would be okay if this were an '80s R&B group, but in college basketball that gets most DI student-athletes shown the door to community college. Fortunately, for him he was also the SEC's leading scorer.

Despite his value to the program, head coach Andy Kennedy seems like he's finally had enough and suspended his volatile guard indefinitely after he failed another drug test. Actually, make that plural.


Mississippi has indefinitely suspended guard Marshall Henderson for a violation of team rules, the school announced Wednesday.

The suspension is a result of multiple failed drug tests, sources told ESPN's Jeff Goodman.

CBS earlier reported the the suspension was connected to a drug test.

"Since the season ended, we have talked a lot about Marshall taking a greater leadership role with our team. With that comes greater responsibility, and he must do a better job of living up to the high standard we expect from him and he desires from himself," Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy said in a statement.

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