March Madness Media Mic Check: Chris Webber

Chris Webber is no stranger to the ups and downs of high-pressure, crazy stakes NCAA March Madness basketball. Hes also a rising star as a basketball analyst and hes getting as smooth on the mic’ as he was on the NBA court and with his hip-hop production back in the Golden-era 90s. In between TV interviews at a Turner Sports and CBS media event, I asked C Webb a throwback question and he gave TSL a couple of professional predictions.

Gambler: You were an integral part of several historic Fab Five teams at Michigan.Teams were gunning for you guys on a nightly basis. How hard was it for you guys to keep that edge? Rolling into the NCAA Tournament?

C Webb: The hardest thing is that the NCAA Tournament is only six games but you are on an emotional roller coaster. Its like three small tournaments because you have to get up all over again for each round so that consistency and focus is really hard.

Gambler: Who can take Kentucky?

C Webb: I like Kentucky to win it, but Frank Kaminsky from Wisconsin is my favorite player and I picked Wisconsin last year. I dont know if they can do it this year but hes talented enough to stretch out those other big guys and maybe level off the playing field between them and Kentucky.

Gambler: Your NBA Title pick?

C Webb: I had San Antonio coming in and I still think its going to be Chicago and someone from the West, but I’m not sure who. 

Gambler: You think Chicago can win The East without D-Rose?

C Webb: I do 

Gambler: You do?

C Webb: I do

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