Manny Pacquiao Ready To Prove He’s Not Done 

Manny Pacquiao is out to prove he is not finished after being knocked senseless by Juan Marquez in his last bout.  Pacquiao is set to fight Brandon Rios on November 23rd and believes he has a lot to prove to himself.

Via Thestate:

 "I want to prove that I can still fight, and my boxing career is not done yet," Pacquiao said Thursday in a ballroom jam-packed with international media at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

This will be a pivotal fight for Manny, as a third consecutive loss will likely mark the end of his career. He will need to string along a few wins, if he hopes to ever challenge Mayweather again before hanging up his gloves. Pac Man proved in his last fight that he can still pack a punch; the biggest concern is if he will be able to withstand one at this stage of his career.