Manny Pacquiao Is Putting Everything On The Line Against Brandon Rios

Manny Pacquiao is heading back to the ring in November, just under a year removed from his brutal knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez. He didn't return for a light touch, either. After he was denied rematches with Marquez and Timothy Bradley (the two chose to fight each other instead), Pacquiao selected one of the most feared brawlers in the sport, Brandon Rios – the proud owner of a 70% knockout ratio.

There's a lot of intrigue surrounding the fight already, aside from the salivating proposition of an exciting fight between two of the most aggressive fighters in the sport. For one, it will take place in Macau, the Las Vegas of Asia, tapping into Pacquiao's massive popularity in the region as well as taking advantage of the tax haven. The fight will take place in the morning so it can air in primetime back in America.

The fight is also personal for trainer Freddie Roach. Roach has Parkinson's disease, and is sometimes unable to train Pacquiao due to the debilitating affects of the disease which have slurred his speech and caused his hands to shake. During the preparation for Pacquiao's fight against Antonio Margarito, Rios – a stablemate of Margarito, who also trains with Robert Garcia – openly mocked Roach's shakes and speech alongside his trainer.

Though Rios later apologized for his actions, it hasn't been forgotten by Roach. "They were trying to get under my skin [with the video], and they can do what they want. They can do all the shaking they want, but they are an embarrassment to themselves, and what they did bothered a lot of people around the world," Roach told "[Rios'] coach [Garcia] was right there with him helping him with that video. So this fight is going to be great payback for me. I can't wait for this fight. It's the fight I wanted for Manny. We're going to teach them a lesson."

Of course, Roach and Pacquiao could be in for a lesson of their own. Many boxers stay in the game too long, particularly after a devastating knockout.

Both guys will be gunning for it in front of a sure-to-be raucous crowd. Will Pacquiao deliver the cold hammer of justice or will the upstart Rios deliver a message from Father Time?

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