Lil Wayne Suffers Seizure; CNN Discovers Sizzurp

Lil Wayne had everyone panicking and busting out Tha Carter II just in case he passed away as TMZ initially reported this weekend. He suffered a seziure on the way to a video shoot, and, according to Birdman, he will be home soon. 

Rumors began that the seziures were linked to Wayne's purple drank habit. CNN was on the story on Tuesday.



Yes, sizzurp. As in "Sippin' On Some Sizzurp" which Three Six Mafia dropped in 2000. The Red Sox still hadn't won a World Series. And if Florida hadn't screwed the election up that year, Al Gore would have already fixed this ridiculous weather. But I digress; we're learning. Continue. 



Well, if by, "getting more popular" you mean around for over a decade in the culture, then, yes. Purple Drank has a Facebook pageIn 2010, JaMarcus Russell was arrested for possession of codiene in connection with sizzurp. In 2011, Vice released Screwed In Houston, a documentary about chopped and screwed music, as well as purple drank.

Anyway, proceed.



Oh, so it wasn't linked. There wasn't really any reason to bring it up except that Lil Wayne does it, or because there's an awesome producer out there who wanted to watch these guys say sizzurp. 

Or Flo Rida. 



It's officially an epidemic. 

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