LeBron James Takes Miami To Game 7 Without His Headband

Tim Duncan came out on fire to start Game 6 in Miami, dropping 25 of San Antonio's 50 first-half points to go with eight rebounds. In the second half, it looked like the game might go the way the rest of the series has gone, where the team with a third-quarter lead extends the game into a blowout. 

But Miami must have finally felt their backs against the wall, because they started hitting shots, getting rebounds and playing excellent defense. It happened right around the time LeBron James lost his headband. He didn't put it back on or find a replacement, and continued to ball out of his mind. He finished with 32 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists. A Ray Allen three-pointer, and a Chris Bosh block of Danny Green as time ran out, put the game away in overtime, and the Miami Heat forced Game 7 on Thursday with a 103-100 win.


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