LeBron James’ Son Takes Home The Middle School Chip Over CP3’s Team

    Middle School national championships dont usually get prime time media attention, but when the teams are sponsored and coached by LeBron James and CP3, the event becomes epic. 

    The North Coast Blue Chips, which features King James’ seed  Bronny James Jr., won the USBA National Championships in Charlotte, North Carolina, last Friday over Chris Pauls team CP3. 

    Amidst heated kids, referee warnings, technical fouls and arguments between hyper parents, LeBron kept his cool and led his young lads to a 75 -71 overtime victory. Bron had to intercede in some touchy moments, as the adrenaline rush had parents and kids wildin’ at times and the referees flustered. We get to really see LeBron in action at the 10:30 mark. 


    The Northcoast Blue Chips completed their quest for a National Championship last night as they took on CP3 in an OT thriller. Finishing the week 8-0, the Blue Chips saw it all. From heckling bordering on disrespect, to having hundreds of fans backing them from all over the country.

    LeBron probably got a huge kick out of coaching his son to a championship, while simultaneously enjoying the the crazy parental energy and grittiness that you dont find in most NBA games. And with number 23 in the building, the energy only intensified. 

    King James has beaten so many of his friends in battle over the years in NBA games and now hes giving them the business at middle school games. With a first coaching championship secured, will James end up the next Gregg Popovich of middle school basketball?   

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