LeBron James ‘Shooting Stars’ Biopic Tells True Journey Of King | ‘When You Grow Up In Akron, Ohio…No One Cares About You’

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In this clout-driven world, you’re not an elite celebrity if you don’t have a documentary or biopic. If your personal greatness isn’t captured in the form of media that can be documented and accessed for years to come, it isn’t validated. It never happened. 

This is something NBA Superstar LeBron James is no stranger to, as he plans to release a biopic titled “Shooting Stars” in 2023. This is the first film of James’ and Maverick Carter’s SpringHill Company production deal with NBC.


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The “Kid from Akron” has had his fair share of Hollywood and cinematic exposure and has a hand in numerous multimedia projects. Some of his most notable films and docs that he is linked to are movies such as “Space Jam 2,” “Trainwreck,” “Small Foot” and his famous documentary “More than a Game.”

LeBron James is an extremely iconic sports figure who is instantly recognizable internationally. So, it was no surprise when it was revealed that Bron Bron would be having a new biopic made about him called “Shooting Stars” that features his come up in his youth with his self-titled “Fab 5” team that he had in high school, teammates who became lifelong friends.

This also entails LeBron’s true basketball journey, a first-person account of St. Vincent-St. Mary’s run of dominance under a young Lebron James. 

This biopic also features another NBA star — one of LeBron’s best friends, Carmelo Anthony, whom he faced before they made it to the NBA. With that addition to the film, it’s very clear that LeBron and the producers of this biopic are trying to get every detail perfect and accurate. 

Casting director Angela Boehm also spoke on the nature of the film and the level of authenticity they want to bring to the movie.

“We are looking to create the atmosphere of what his story looked like. Cheerleaders, band members, stadium fans, librarians, cafeteria workers, all of it,” Boehm said on April 10 of her agency’s search for 600 extras. 

LeBron also spoke about the movie, detailing how much it means to him and how this biopic is relatable to people who share the same upbringing in Akron as him. 

“When you grow up in Akron, Ohio, you already feel like no one cares about you too much.” LeBron said.

“And the only people that really care about you are the ones from that town. When you are in certain community centers, in certain gyms, you look for inspiration — people who came before you, people who were already there.” LeBron continued.

According to Cleveland.com, “Shooting Stars” will generate an estimated $25.5 million for the local economy by the time filming wraps in June. This movie will give back to James’ community, and also be filmed in Akron as well. 

“So, filming in that area and using Akron locals is so great for us because it’s real. And that’s what we want is truth and to tell real stories,” Boehm said.

“James will be played by Marquis “Mookie” Cook, a five-star recruit who is currently committed to Oregon. The cast also includes Caleb McLaughlin, Algee Smith, Dermot Mulroney, Wood Harris, Natalie Paul, Katlyn Nichol, Avery Wills, Scoot Henderson and Khalil Everage,” according to The Spun.

The co-author of the biopic will be Buzz Bissinger, who previously worked with LeBron in 2009, for his last documentary. LeBron will definitely be working hard on this biopic to make it a success, after his latest movie (“Space Jam 2”) was regarded as a flop by many.

LeBron is a very special and talented player, who will have an early off-season with the Lakers being out of the playoffs, enabling him to work on his game and his movie as well.