LeBron James Is The Cover Player For NBA2K19

LeBron is having an amazing run this postseason. 

He’s made his eighth straight NBA Finals appearance, is killing every opponent in sight and is trying to lead his over-matched Cavs to another Championship by his all around play. Then today, a day before Game 3, we learned that LeBron would be adding another title to his ever growing resume of accomplishments.

NBA 2K19 on Twitter

Our trailer is here for the 20th Anniversary Edition of #NBA2K19 featuring cover athlete @KingJames! Pre-order now to play 4 days early starting September 7th https://t.co/nH2w6B6Hhp https://t.co/cflZi7FNtC

That’s right. LeBron will be gracing the cover of the 20th anniversary edition of NBA2K19, and by the looks of it, it’s the GOAT edition.

NBA 2K19 on Twitter

They Will Know Your Name, just like they know the King’s. Introducing our 20th Anniversary Edition cover athlete @KingJames. Pre-order #NBA2K19 now to play 4 days early starting September 7th https://t.co/Fwn4OnQeur

Notice the choice of words on the cover, from royalty like “King” to ultimate status, like “G.O.A.T”. As the Wayans brothers would say “MESSAGE!”

While 2K fans will be salivating in anticipation of the game’s release on September 11th, 2018, Cavs fans are probably groaning in frustration as the video game franchise has a disturbing trend aligned with it, and that is that four of the last five cover athletes have all switched teams, including James himself in 2014 (sorry Heat fans).

  • 2018: Kyrie Irving (from Cleveland to Boston)
  • 2017: Paul George (from Indiana to Oklahoma City)
  • 2016: Stephen Curry, James Harden, Anthony Davis.
  • 2015: Kevin Durant (from Oklahoma City to Golden State)
  • 2014: LeBron James (from Miami to Cleveland)

Maybe 2K Sports knew this and decided not to display a jersey on the cover this year. Conspiracy theorists, do your thing!

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