Cramming To Understand Why Celtics Fans Burned Isaiah Thomas Jerseys

LeBron James is already coming to the defense of his new sidekick Isaiah Thomas as Celtics fans, now the enemy,  have been burning No. 4 jerseys on Instagram and various social outlets. 

Kyle Gordon on Twitter

@wojespn Not my Point Guard


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They couldnt possibly be upset with the man. Thomas was a transcending figure and the definition of a soldier, leading the rise back to glory for the Green Machine. 

He had no control over getting traded, didn’t want to be traded and he should be burning his own Celtics jersey because they shipped him out of town rather quickly for a guy who had earned his way to becoming the face of an historic franchise and an all-star guard. 

James just couldnt bear to watch another Isaiah Thomas  jersey get burned and he took to Twitter to throw blows for his new homie. 

LeBron James on Twitter

The burning of the jersey thing is getting ridiculous now! The man was traded. What do u not understand? & played in a game after …..

Logic defies people in situations like this. Especially in 2017 when everybody has an opinion and an outlet to express it. 

Most of those jersey burners did it to get attention. Some did it because they always wanted a reason to burn a jersey. It seems like a cool, rebellious thing to do to some sickos. I’m sure a lot of folks just want to burn Thomas jersey because hes associated with LeBron James. 

I dont even know how to approach the mental midget who in some way feels Thomas abandoned the city. Most of my media colleagues feel the same. 

First Take on Twitter

How stupid do you have to be to burn that man’s jersey?” -@maxkellerman on Celtics fans burning Isaiah Thomas’ jersey

Funny thing is, nobody’s really mad at Kyrie. It’s like, deep down, everybody gets how much of a perfectionist and primadonna LeBron is and how difficult he must be to get along with in a basketball setting. Finally, we are seeing the similarities between Bron, Kobe and Jordan even if it doesn’t always manifest itself on the court. 

tony hartman on Twitter

Ok Cavs fans you know what to do..

Its human nature for people to take things too far if you let them. And social media has never been a home for rational thinking, so expect even worse things to occur when Thomas returns to Boston and they are entangled in a heated race for the regular season title. 

So many twists and turns and outbursts of feelings, emotions, attitudes and egos this summer. Im just glad the league is still in one piece as we approach the 2017-2018 season. 

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