LaVar Ball’s Luke Walton Diss Inspires Lakers Win Streak

Since LaVar Ball licked the shot heard from here to Lithuania and made his disparaging comments about head coach Luke Walton losing the Lakers team, which also coincides with Lonzos return after a six-game chill session for an ailing shoulder, the Lakers have won three games in a row for the first time this season to improve to 14-27.


The overall consensus was that LaVar was overstepping his boundaries by talking negatively about the head coach…again. However, his supposedly destructive words and the media firestorm that ensued has resulted in a win streak, where players are inspired and looking to defend their coachs credibility. In addition, Lonzo seems to have the full confidence of his coach in crunch time and is balling with more purpose and production.


Lonzo Ball SICK Full Highlights vs Spurs (2018.01.11) – 18 Pts, 10 Reb, 6 Ast, 4 Stls

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Lonzo had one of his better games of the season going for 18 points on seven-for-11 shooting, 10 rebounds, six assists and four steals in a 93-81 Lakers win over the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night. He did his Swiss army knife shimmy to perfection and is averaging 32.5 minutes, about 12 points per game, just under 9 rebounds, 7 assists and three steals per game since rejoining the team. In fact, the Lakers are 3-1 since Lonzos return.  

During that time hes also shooting 42.8 % from the field and 36.7 % from trey land which is a great improvement over his season averages. 

So is LaVar Ball only compounding the Lakers problems as most of the media and Twitter trolls said he was? Or did his words inspire the team to prove that they want to play for their coach? Maybe this latest Lakers win streak is just a coincidence and were looking too deep into the importance, impact of LaVar Ball on the Lakers franchise. 

Anyway you slice it, the Lakers have turned up since LaVar pooped on Walton and actually got Walton to respond by making a joke about it in a press conference. It was vintage LaVar Ball. He got up in Waltons head and imposed his will with the help of his faithful friend, the media. Lonzos minutes are up as well. Zos on the floor in  the fourth quarter and making plays. Papa Ball is getting everything he wants again and probably patting himself on the back right now for another media stunt well played. 

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