Larry Sanders’ Agents Are Being Sued For Pulling An LT

Mariano Rivera is one of the classiest gentleman in sports. Keyword is gentlemen. That’s a whole ‘nother level of class. I mention Rivera because it’s difficult to believe that he is represented by such a grimy agency.

The Beverly Hills-based Relativity Sports doesn’t make too many headlines, but they’re currently in the news for taking unethical actions which violated the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement to sign Milwaukee Bucks double-double machine Larry Sanders as their client before he inked a four-year, $44 million contract extension this summer.

Oddly enough, Sanders began his career as a member of Relativity Sports before they dumped him after his underwhelming rookie season. Andy Miller of ASM Sports claims in the lawsuit that ‘“Miller helped re-shape Sanders’ attitude toward his physical conditioning,” “Miller made sure that Sanders’ attitude in other areas improved, most notably decreasing the amount of time that Sanders spent partying.”

Back in his heyday, Lawrence Taylor strategy for sending women to his opponent’s hotel room on the night before games has been extolled for decades. It's since became known as pulling an LT. Relativity used women as part of their strategy to scoop him back from ASM sports.

Via New York Post:

“Through the use of private planes, celebrity encounters and hedonistic parties,” the Manhattan Supreme Court suit claims, Relativity poached Sanders after Miller’s firm turned him from bust to break out star, according to the Manhattan Supreme Court filing.

The complaint via The Big Lead also details the hedonistic parties:

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