Kyle Shanahan Is Ready To Escape His Dad’s Shadow

The Washington Redskins' soap opera is evolving into a family drama. Robert Griffin III and his helicopter dad may be closer than ever, but reportedly Kyle Shanahan has had enough of working for his pops, and no matter what happens next season is ready to set out on his own.

Not only is Shanahan seeking to escape his father’s shadow, but he’s also expressed frustration publicly over the benching of Griffin, which he was not on board with—a fact that’s been lost in all the brouhaha over the benching of Washington’s starting quarterback.

Shanahan’s head coaching stock has probably stagnated and dried in the short-term, however, he should be able to find another offensive coordinating position elsewhere.

Father-son coaching relationships are a mixed bag.

For every Marty and Brian Schottenheimer in San Diego, there is a story like the Shanahans.

When he was Charlotte Bobcats head coach Paul Silas use to take nights off and let his son take the reins of that crash dummy franchise. Lane Kiffin’s pops resigned before he had to fire his own dad at USC at the end of the 2012 season, but was soon given his own ceremonious exit.

Rod Marinelli’s son in law, Joe Barry coached the defense during Detroit’s winless season leading to one of the more awkward moments of their disastrous season.

Scott Turner, you’re next.