Kyle Kuzma Knows You Have An Opinion About His Fashion, And He Has Something To Say About It

Kyle Kuzma has heard the opinions. What is he wearing? Why would a dude that size throw that on? Did he check the mirror before he walked out the door?

The internet exploded with commentary about Kuzma when the Flint, Michigan, native wore a Raf Simmons pink sweater that was extremely oversized that left the 6-foot-9 Washington Wizards power forward with no visible arms or hands beneath the audacious outfit.

Since then, Kuzma’s clothing choice, especially when walking through the tunnel during pre-game, receives just as much attention as his in-game work, and he has something to say about it.

“I don’t have any regrets,” Kuzma said to Brobible. I know a lot of people make it a big deal and say, ‘Oh, what are you wearing today?’ I’m just putting on clothes and outfits that are in my closet.”

Kuzma is well aware of the backlash to some of his fashion choices but has never succumbed to the temptation to stop his fashion flow based on the negative reviews from the Twitter streets.

“No, I just always do what I do because there’s always somebody who’s going to talk about you,” Kuzma continued.

Kuzma grew up in Michigan but went to high school in Philadelphia and became a Utah Ute for college. With the exception of Philly, these are not places known for their fashion sense. However, Kuzma began exploring his sense of style once he was drafted into the NBA.

Kuzma was selected in the 2017 NBA draft as the 27th overall pick by the Brooklyn Nets. However, he was traded on draft day with Brook Lopez to the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov.

“I was always conscious about looking nice in college,” Kuzma continued. “I obviously didn’t have the same type of money, but I always looked nice and presentable. I think just getting drafted and ending up in Los Angeles was a big one. It’s a place where there is a lot going on with fashion.

“Meeting people in L.A. and just falling into that industry a little bit really just enticed me. It’s not just wearing clothes. There’s a lot that goes into it. I’m not just wearing stuff for the tunnel going into a game.”

Many people feel like they can pinpoint Kuzma’s style based strictly on the more outlandish outfits he has worn. But Kuzma says there are levels to his drip, and even he doesn’t know what he’s going to pop out with, but it’s not all over the top.

“I feel like I always tweak it because I’m a very spontaneous person. I’m not a person who’s like, ‘This is me and this will always be me.’ I’m evolving. Everyone evolves in life. It’s the same thing with fashion.

“It was kind of just all over the place. For me, it’s not like wine where you may only just drink stuff from Napa, you know what I mean? Some days I feel like wearing streetwear. Some days I feel like wearing a tux. Some days a suit, a blazer, some nice trousers or whatever that may be.”

Kyle Kuzma and his fashion palate are still evolving, and as long as the people keep watching, they will be surprised at what is coming next.

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