Klay Thompson Will Feast On The NBA While Steph Curry Is Out

Its time for Klay Thompson to let it rip and get his stroke on again. Steph Curry is expected to miss two weeks with bad ankles.

According to ESPN’s Max Kellerman, the loss of the games best shooter and dribbler makes Golden state an “average team.” 

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Warriors’ Steph Curry Out at least Two Weeks with Sprained Ankle: https://t.co/2djZhYFq3G via @YouTube

He obviously hasnt been watching Golden State ball the past few seasons. Remember in 2016, when Curry was out injured and Dub Nation defeated Houston and advanced to the second round of the NBA playoffs without the baby-faced assassin having anything to do with the teams success outside of having the sweetest stroke of any cheerleader on the globe?

Having Klay Machine Gun Funk Thompson, a guy who some consider to be the second best shooter in the NBA, take over the scoring reigns while Curry rested his various injuries was a heck of a luxury. Thompson led Golden State in scoring with 23 points in Game 4 and then had Oracle Arena lit as he made seven three-point shots and scored 27 points, lifting the Golden State Warriors to a 114-81 win in a Game 5 clincher. 

Klay Thompson Full Highlights 2016 Playoffs R1G5 vs Rockets – 27 Pts, 7 Threes!

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We also can’t forget May of 2016 when Klay dropped 41 points with a playoff-record eleven 3-pointers, leading the defending champions to a 108-101 victory over the Oklahoma City to set up an unforgettable Western Conference Championship Game 7 at home.  

Sure, Golden State is almost invincible with Chef Curry, but they have proven that they have stars capable of pulling the weight when hes out. Thompson can shoot for 37 in one quarter and people tend to forget how lethal the boy is because hes been forced to suppress his game to a large extent like James Worthy and Scottie Pippen and other No. 2 superstars before him. 

Curry being out will only open things up for Klay and Durant, who will both get to handle the ball more in Currys absence. 

I dont see what the big hoopla is about with Curry being out. You just want him healthy for the playoffs. Klay Thompson will be more than happy to garner more shots, score more points and highlight his sensational game, which is what always happens when Curry is not on the court with him. 

If anything, this injury gives Steph time to rest and heal up from what has been a recurring problem, and Klay can get some relief from what has been a recurring problem throughout his career: living in the superstardom shadows of the NBAs most popular player. 

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