KKK Granted Demonstration Permit In Memphis


We believe in freedom of speech, so we're not gonna criticize, but uh…c'mon Memphis, do better.
The KKK is planning the protest after the city council renamed three parks that honored the Confederacy.
Nathan Bedford Forrest Park was originally named after a one-time Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. The city council is now calling it Health Sciences Park. Confederate Park is now called Memphis Park. The third park to acquire a new name was Jefferson Davis Park. It is now being called Mississippi River Park. 
Armstrong said the rally will be held on Easter weekend, but he does not want it to cause concern among the public.
"I want to encourage Memphians to enjoy their holiday weekend with their family and loved ones. And rest assured that MPD is prepared, and we will keep the peace," he said. 
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