Kevin Hart Got a Pilot From ABC

    Kevin Hart is set to get a put-pilot commitment for a multi-camera sitcom based on his stand up from ABC according to Vulture.

    From Vulture :

    The show will focus on a couple who, after their divorce, tries to become friends for the sake of their kids. Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan, writers best known for their work on Community, have signed on to write the pilot and executive produce the series. Though Hart will not star in the series, he would have a reoccurring role if it were to be picked up. "Why is Uncle Kevin taking up so much screen time?" the show's most meta kid will ask.

    The pilot is yet another reason why Hart is at the top of the comedy scene in America. The Real Husbands of Hollywood on BET is a success partly because of him and it will be interesting to see how the pilot works out with ABC. The last time Kevin Hart was on ABC in 2004's The Big House, the show failed after six episodes.