Kevin Durant Says James Harden Is In The Top 10 And Harden Agrees

In the midst of the current beef between Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant, Houston Rockets guard James Harden backs his former teammate Kevin Durant, and agrees that he is in the top 10 in the NBA.

From CSN Houston via :

“For sure,”. “For sure. Last year I got a chance to prove it, I kind of broke out of the shell a little bit. Even though it was my first year [as a starter], I've got a lot more to prove. I've kind of always been the underdog, always been looked over, so it's nothing new.

He explains why KD stands by that.

"That's how KD feels, “We've been teammates [on the Thunder] for a couple of years now. Obviously, I was coming off the bench, which was my decision, I didn't get as much credit or whatnot as much as everyone else, or every other shooting guard in the league. Now, I'm in kind of my own situation, I'm starting to get my own recognition. That's how KD felt. He felt that way."

When it comes to the top 10 players in the league right now, Harden is one player that will always be in that discussion among casual NBA fans. No doubt Harden had a breakout year with the Houston Rockets, but it might be too early to put him in the top 10 at this time. For now all we know now is KD is looking out for his buddy.