Kevin Durant’s Own Nickname For Himself Is Actually Lamer Than KD

Of all the nicknames tossed around over the years, Durantula, Iceberg Slim, Iceman Slim, plus my personal favorite and the one Durant despises – Slim Reaper, none have appealed to him. He's pickier with nicknames than Sean Combs. In an exclusive interview with the Grantland Editor-In-Chief Bill Simmons, Durant revealed his nickname preference to be The Servant because he serves his teammates, fans and presumably opponents.

It’s a nice gesture, but it's an absurd nickname. Russell Westbrook is the leading assist man in Oklahoma City, does that make him The Dishman? No. He’s not known for his court vision and passing ability and neither is Durant.

If anything, he should be referring to himself as The Butler because they tend to be the lead servants. He's so humble, he won't even call himself the Butler! Butlers like Forest Whitaker and Michael Caine's Alfred are slightly doper than servants in pop culture. Plus, Russell Westbrook is dark and brooding.

The only man in the NBA who’s successfully nicknamed himself is the Black Mamba and that was because it was somewhat dope. The Servant does pass the name game test. When I first heard it, I was hoping he'd call him 'The Serpent'. I like Durant, but he should leave the clever nicknaming to the pros.

If he doesn't like the smorgasbord of nicknames presented to him, I have one unrelated to his smooth scoring ability.

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