“Keep Your Head Up Brother”: Fans Think Bo Jackson Don’t Know Diddley After Simping For Justin Timberlake’s DUI Arrest On Tour

One DUI charge don’t stop no show for Justin Timberlake, one of the world’s biggest artists. 

The singer, who was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated in Sag Harbor, New York, on Tuesday morning, will perform as scheduled at the United Center in Chicago on Friday and Saturday.

Timberlake is appearing as part of his “Forget Tomorrow” world tour.

The mishap has gotten a mixed variety of feedback from social media and fans, but one legend who showed support for Timberlake in the midst of this mini-drama is the great two-way player to ever do it, Bo Jackson. 

Jackson must be a huge fan of the “Cry Me A River” crooner, who, after visiting a local hotel restaurant and bar, was observed around 12:37 a.m. Tuesday morning “operating his vehicle in an intoxicated condition,” according to Sag Harbor Police. 

The former N’Sync front man was whipping a 2025 BMW and decided to blow a stop sign and he was driving wildly on the road, according to police. 

Timberlake told police he “had one martini and followed my friends home,” according to court documents. 

A  Sag Harbor Village Police Department officer described him as “unable to divide attention,” adding “he had slowed speech, he was unsteady afoot and he performed poorly on all standardized field sobriety tests.”

So police claim JT was basically twisted, which would mean he’s very fortunate to not have killed anyone or this story would be much less light-hearted. 

Of course, with any social media post, some fans were supportive of Timberlake and others didn’t mind seeing another prince of privilege in cuffs.

In fact, most fans thought Bo fumbled the ball completely with his tweet, considering the seriousness and potential destruction of the crime Timberlake is charged with committing.

Timberlake tried his best to finesse the situation by rejecting a Breathalyzer test three times. 

Naturally, he was placed under arrest and held overnight for arraignment, according to police. 

He was released without bail and his next court appearance is scheduled for July 26.

Despite the legal hassle, the show must go on for Timberlake and after this weekend’s shows, Timberlake is scheduled to return to New York with his tour for performances at Madison Square Garden on June 25 and 26.

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