Kaz Kazadi Gives An Explicit But Necessary Title IX Speech To TCU Football Players Years After Baylor Sexual Assault Scandal | ‘She Has Every Right To Turn Around And Press Charges’

World, meet Kaz Kazadi, part Texas Christian University assistant athletics director for football human performance, part life coach or prevention coach. Kazadi was caught on tape going full Coach Prime with his players reminding them of what’s becoming of a TCU athlete and also as a man.

“Consent, remember we went over consent? You’re with a young lady; she has to consent to every act,” Kazadi began. “So if you are in the car with her and something went down in the car, that does not mean that something has to go down at the apartment. If ya’ll did something in the car, that does not mean something else has to happen. That next day, you cannot assume that it is OK to send a d**k pic or something like that.

“If you’re in study hall and a track star walks by you, and she’s got tights on, and she’s going to study, you cannot f**king say, ‘look at that fat a**.’ That’s sexual f**king harassment. She has every right to turn around and press charges against you. If you’re not quite sure what the f**k to say, picture it being your little sister or your mother and shut what you call the f**k up. Are we f**king clear?”

The team unanimously said somberly, “yes sir.”

The Best Title IX Speech

Kazadi gave the very colloquial version of Title IX for TCU. That’s probably because, during Kazadi’s previous tenure at Baylor University, they had a sexual assault scandal of epic proportions. It resulted from numerous allegations and convictions for sexual and non-sexual assaults committed by Baylor University students — the main accused: players from the Baylor Bears football team.

The incidents occurred from 2012 to 2016, and school officials were alleged to have suppressed reports of rapes and sexual misconduct. Kazadi was definitely on the Baylor football staff then. Now he needs TCU players to understand what is and isn’t unacceptable.

According to their website, “TCU’s Title IX Office works with appropriate departments within the TCU community to provide a safe and supportive environment for students, staff, and faculty who are seeking advice and/or assistance if they have experienced sexual harassment, sexual battery, sexual assault, or rape. The office also assists TCU students, staff, and faculty with filing an informal or formal complaint based on Title IX violations.”

For Kazadi, the gruff delivery indicates tough love and, per former college football standouts like Robert Griffin III, what players need more of today. Ironically, Griffin pointing this out only conjures up the scandalous period in Baylor’s history.

“Strength Coaches should do more than teach you how to lift,” Griffin III tweeted along with the video. “Here is TCU’s Kaz Kazadi teaching his athletes about consent and their communication towards women.”

Who Is Kaz Kazadi?

Kaz Kazadi has been with TCU since December 2021 after spending the previous four years at Southern Methodist University. He oversaw the Mustangs’ strength and conditioning department while serving as the football program’s head strength and conditioning coach.

Kazadi, who also worked at Arkansas State and with the Dallas Cowboys, was a member of Baylor’s strength and conditioning staff in 2008 when RGIII entered the school. Kazadi would stay there until 2016. He served as the associate athletics director for athletic performance during his last five seasons with the Bears.

He has also racked up accolades throughout his career. In 2013, he was named the American Football Coaches Association Strength Coach of the Year and the American Football Monthly FBS Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year. FootballScoop.com named him its National Strength Coach of the Year in 2012.

In 2007, he was an assistant strength coach at USF and helped the team reach as high as No. 2 in the national polls with an appearance in the Sun Bowl.

From 2005-07, Kazadi was a Kansas City Chiefs’ staff member.

A standout linebacker at Tulsa, Kazadi earned All-Western Athletic Conference honors and was a Butkus Award semifinalist. He was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in 1997 and played for five years professionally, including stints in the Canadian Football League and World Football League.

The world might have seen this level of “real talk” starting with Coach Prime at Jackson State University, but it doesn’t begin or end there.

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