Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Pose For Risqué Magazine Cover

No, the headline image was not photoshopped from Kim Kardashian's infamous film debut. Instead, it's the upcoming spring cover of French magazine L'Officiel Hommes which is odd because last we heard from Kardashian, she was expressing her desire for a more private life.

"My boyfriend has taught me a lot about privacy. I'm ready to be a little less open about some things, like my relationships. I'm realizing everyone doesn't need to know everything. I'm shifting my priorities," she said in DuJour magazine. But this photo, albeit an artistic editorial, puts her right back in a spotlight reminiscent of her sex-tape days.

Aside from her 15 reality show spinoffs and her pregnant (yet not yet showing) stomach on the April cover of Cosmopolitan magazine, she's on the right path. Eerily enough, a fire nearly consumed the unedited master tape of Ray J and Kardashian's steamy encounter in the the office of Vivid Entertainment head Steve Hirsch's office. Fortunately, the most heavily protected sex tape in human civilization was saved for future generations to treasure.

On second thought, maybe her clothed Cosmo magazine cover is her way of being a little more private.

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