K-Dot Proclaims Himself King Of New York 

    Kendrick Lamar is at the top of a lyrically saucy rap game right now. He’s one of those rare throwback talents with genuinely focused lyrics and an understanding of what goes into making a good song. He doesn’t make music for a genre, he makes it for quality sound.

    Who can blame him for killing his weaker counterparts and proclaiming himself King of New York on Big Sean's joint “Control" ? He is definitely a new age phenom, and has carved a unique slot for himself in hip-hop’s future.

    As far as NY rappers — or any rapper for that matter — feeling disrespected by K-Dot’s flagrantly-official tongue game, they should just stop. New York, once the revered birthplace of hip-hop and originality in music, has few young, lyrically progressive, musically fertile rap kings on deck. Just a bunch of clowns and clones with clichés. So who the hell could get mad? Outside of “Geriatric Jay” and the Pro Era dudes, the NY rap scene is mush.

    New York is the birth place of hip-hop and the big, bad target no matter who the adversary is. It’s the one place everyone wants props for conquering. Snoop knew he reached for legendary status once he came through and crushed the buildings.

    Lamar has his sights on hip-hop immortality and no better way to establish yourself as the top shotta in the game than egotistically shi**ing on every emcee worth mentioning.

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