Justin Upton Won’t Stop Hitting Home Runs For The Braves

Justin Upton has been mashing home runs since his first game in the Atlanta Braves outfield. He knocked in 12 home runs during March/April, setting the Braves record for home runs in a month, two more than any other Braves player ever. He was two shy of the all-time mark for April. Upton wasn't playing around, either. Every one of his homers exceeded 400 feet. He'd led all of baseball with homers over 420 feet in 2011 with 18. 

Upton has led a resurgence for the Braves, who have a healthy lead in the NL East already. He is leading (or carrying) an underperforming outfield with the ability to be one of the best in MLB. If the other two — BJ and Jason Heyward — find their swing any time soon, the Braves will be in prime position to recapture the NL East title. 

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