JR Smith Won’t Attack The Basket, But He’ll Take Twitter Shots At Knicks Fans

JR Smith is a different type of dude. He’s got a quick trigger on the court, and we also know he’s not afraid to take shots at his own fans on Twitter. Smith's been off his game since he elbowed Jason Terry.

After Game 1’s loss and his third consecutive poor shooting performance, Smith took to Twitter and kept on firing metaphorical shots. This time he presumably aimed them at transient Knicks fans and a shot landed.

Knicks fans are among the most critical and pessimistic fans in the entire league, and Smith took notice after Game 1. On Sunday afternoon, Smith Instagrammed a hilarious Fan Bandwagon Transferral form to fans grousing over the Knicks 0-1 deficit. The form seemed more legit than an NCAA transfer, but Smith forgot to inform fans where they could send it (although the answer is obvious).

Via Beyond The Buzzer:



@TheRealJRSmith is a must-follow, though. When he’s not being harassed by online tough guys, he’s been kind enough to offer advice on personal plumbing. The NBA is almost done handing out its regular season awards and Smith earned himself a Sixth Man of the Year award, but I nominate Smith as the unanimous winner of the Twitter Athlete of Mid-2013 award. Any objections?


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