Is Johnny Manziel Ready For An NFL Comeback?

If there was ever an athlete that squandered the golden goose, its former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, who became the first freshman to ever win a Heisman as an undersized superstar game-changer in college and immediately became a victim of his own brand and celebrity. As immature trying to win a starting job in the competitive NFL as he was during his time as an amateur, Manziel never made it in the pros. 

The Rise And Fall Of Johnny Manziel (Emotional

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Eventually, not even his white privilege could save him. It was only a matter of time before everyone turned on him. 

In an exclusive interview with Good Morning America, a new Manziel reflected on his “downfall” from the NFL, bipolar disorder, depression and his past problems off the football field. 

Good Morning America on Twitter

Former NFL star @JManziel2 reflects on ‘mistakes,’ reveals bipolar diagnosis in an exclusive interview with @tjholmes.

He reflected on his run-ins with the law, domestic assault charges, the partying and drinking and the avalanche of situations that has led to his expulsion of sorts from the game he loves, but took for granted.



He was a first-round pick of the Browns in the 2014 NFL Draft and his mounting array of unacceptable off field issues, unspectacular practice habits and game performances led to him being cut in 2016. Johnny Football hasnt seen the gridiron since.  

Its one of the worst cases of wasted talent in NFL history. Manziels behavior was never really checked. He certainly wasnt formed upon like black athletes with similar patterns of behavior. 

Johnny Manziel, Once Top NFL Prospect Turned Party Boy

Former QB is expected to be indicted on a misdemeanor assault charge, the Cleveland Browns and his agent dropped him, but is he a victim of celebrity culture or battling addiction?

Like most athletes who fail to make life comfortably coincide with their celebrity, Manziel had to take a mighty tumble to reflect on his past and make positive changes for the future.

Despite his inactivity, when news wires surface with a story on Manziel, his name still rings bells in the Twittersphere. His personality, flair and confidence was as captivating as his maturity was lacking and deep down, folks till root hard for him to finally get it together and show what he can do on a football field. 

While all of Manziels problems cant be solely placed on his mental state, which included bouts of depression, the first step to him getting his life together is understanding what it is inside his soul and his mind that triggers detrimental behavior. He seems to be in a better place. Hes more humble now that his dream has been taken away and so many personal relationships have been fractured. 

Johnny Manziel: #COMEBACKSZN (2018)

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Maybe a return to the NFL isnt such a longshot for Johnny Football after all, now that he has learned how to score in the game of life.

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