Johnny Manziel Might’ve Been Out Late But He Wasn’t On Bourbon Street

Johnny Manziel, now known as the NCAA's worst nightmare, has been catching heat for being sent home from the Manning Camp last week. The excuse was poor hydration, and it wasn't a good look surrounded by peers, idols and kids.

But you'd think Manziel actually committed a crime by maybe, just maybe, being too hung over to do stuff. Raise your hand if you've ever been there … especially if 20-years-old was around the time it happened most frequently.'s Bruce Feldman cites a source who was out late with Manziel the night before he was sent home, refuting a report that indicated the Heisman Trophy winner spent the night partying on Bourbon Street. 

Why do people want to latch on to stories like this? More importantly, what's so special about the Manning Camp that made Manziel's hiccup so unforgivable and inconceivable?

We might all need to have several seats on this one. 

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