Jimmy Fallon Debuts Today as Tonight Show Host

    Late night television talks shows are the Holy Grail of family-friendly comedy, and it seems as if former Late Show host Jimmy Fallon is on his way to a career ascension that has been years in the making. Ever since his days on "Saturday Night Live", Fallon has had a way with audiences and celebrities alike. Tonight, he debuts as the new host of NBC’s The Tonight Show.

    The list of individuals who have hosted the Tonight Show over the years is a review of comedy from different eras.  From Steven Allen, to Johnny Carson, from Jay Leno to and now Fallon, each brought their own way of making America laugh. However, one thing is for certain, there has never been a house band as funky as the Roots or anyone as real as Fallon.

    He is affable, unassuming and never seems to take himself too seriously. In addition, he has never given off the impression of being a celebrity. Instead, rather some lucky guy who fate has smiled upon time and time again. These are but a handful of the traits that have made Fallon a household name with fans that span several demographics.

    In his debut on the Tonight Show this evening, he starts strong with Will Smith as a guest and U2 performing. The way you begin is the way you end. And Fallon is well on his way to a road that will only get bigger from here.