Jimmy Butler Gets “Loc’d Up” In Miami, And Now Twitter “Won’t Let Me Out” Of Scratching Our Heads | What In The Ace Hood?

There is a new craze sweeping the nation for men, and although it can be a taboo subject, some men boldly proclaim their freedom from stigmatization. What is the topic at hand, you might be wondering? Simple hair extensions for men, and now Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler has made one of the loudest statements about the growing trend.

Butler took to Instagram to showcase a hair appointment which started as a normal de-braiding, wash and moisturize to get ready for a rebraiding until it wasn’t. Replete with Lil Wayne’s “6 Foot 7 Foot” instrumental in the background, the swivel chair holding Butler revealed a new braid that morphed into longer locs with blond tips and ultimately a man bun atop as the finisher move.

Of course, it took no time for Black Twitter to blackout on Jimmy with a mix of jokes, confusion, and general WTF. Sports imitates cultural figures fairly often, and recording artists like Fetty Wap set trends with their loc extensions. Jimmy Buckets, a six-time All-Star, is attempting to create a new trend in the league, and he appropriately went from the salon chair to the court and filmed himself dropping shots with his new style.

In true Jimmy fashion, he added another soundtrack, “Left, Right, Left” by Drama, with the subtle fall-in-line military energy.

“There’s a new set rules being embedded in mens haircut and style nowadays, this stems from the early days of men wearing hair pieces in secrecy,” said celebrity groomer Marvin “Marv The Barb” Church who has styled current and former professional athletes like Javelle McGhee, Clinton Portis, Brandon Bass and more.

“Now sew in weaves and hair units have taken over. What women have been doing with their hair for many years the men are now doing it too; especially braiding hair. Today men are stepping out of the comfort zone. There’s no shame in their game.”

The real question is how the fans will react to the new style and whether it will affect Butler’s cool factor. Being an NBA player is a lot like being a rap star. Aside from your output in the game, it’s also about your clout level and cool factor.

“For some famous people, it will draw more attention of course, when an NBA tough guy like Jimmy Butler wear a high fade with dreadlock extensions,” Church continued. “This could be a planned viral moment or just Jimmy doing Jimmy. What I would say for men who get their hair serviced, whatever you choose to do with your hair is your choice. Just choose wisely.”

Hair is now becoming non-gender conforming and universal. Jimmy Butler knows that in this social media world, the more audacious the content, the more rules you are breaking, and the better for the attention span of an audience overfed with content. Now, as he seeks to get back to looking like a championship team next season, Butler is starting early, keeping himself on people’s minds.

However, Jimmy’s bold move is an expensive image risk that the fans will never forget once that line has been stepped over.

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