Jerry Rice Turns Back The Clock With 40-Yard Dash At 2020 NFL Combine

The Twittersphere blew up as NFL Draft combine zombies went crazy over OU quarterback Jalen Hurts’ 4.59 40-yard dash time, which was the fastest among quarterbacks.

Despite Hurts’ fast time, retired wide receiver GOAT Jerry Rice stole the show just by participating in a 40-yard dash charity event at the 2020 NFL combine. 

As part of NFL Network’s Rich Eisen’s #RunRichRun charity campaign, Rice went out there and ran his first 40-yard dash since his own NFL combine in 1985. 

To top it off, Rice did so wearing a “GOAT” sweatshirt and a matching pair of cleats. 

For a guy who was considered one of the “slower” receivers in terms of pure speed, way back in the 90s, Rice moved pretty well for his age. 

Hall of Fame cornerback and NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders is considered one of the fastest players in NFL history and clowned Rice’s start out of the gate. But I’d like to see who would win a race between Rice and Neon Deion now.  

While Rice’s speed is still far from binding, it appears that he hasn’t relinquished any of his legendary workout habits since retiring in 2005. 

While no official results were published from Rice’s 1985 combine, The Athletic’s Bob McGinn reported last year that a scout in possession of the official results says Rice clocked in at 4.58 back in the days. 

Good to see The GOAT out there, still mobile and able to turn it up when he needs to. 

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