Jemele Hill Shines And Shuts Down Haters On The View

Jemele has been on a whirlwind adventure and her notoriety — whether good or bad — has increased exponentially ever since she called President Donald Trump out on Twitter for being a white supremacist and surrounding himself with white supremacists. In some sectors of the world she is a hero that champions for the rights of women, victims of abuse and the underserved and oppressed people of color. 

In other sectors of society, she is a dangerous rebel, keeping people of color woke and spewing strong opinions that influence people to think, which is a serious threat to those who want to keep representing America as a country that preaches freedom when it’s obvious that it lives off oppression. 

Hill was suspended for two weeks from SC6, the groundbreaking show she co-hosted with Michael Smith for comments she tweeted about how fans who were upset with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ inflexible stance on the national anthem protests could make their feelings more clear to the tycoon. A few months after her return she decided to leave the show to pursue other interests on ESPN such as her new show Last Table, where she sits down with celebrities in the entertainment and sports world and cultural tastemakers in general and discusses various issues. 

On Wednesday, Hills miraculous, unwavering and authentic journey has led her to a seat at the table with the distinguished and opinionated women of the hit show The View. She kicked it with Whoopi Goldberg, an African-American icon in her own right, and the crew. 

Jemele Hill Talks Tweets About Trump, National Anthem Protests, Suspension From ESPN | The View

Uploaded by The View on 2018-02-21.

Hill was grilled and challenged on a number of subjects including Donald Trump, race, National Anthem protests and her suspension. And as usual, the Detroit product, whose integrity, grit, honesty and tremendous giving spirit always enables her to end up on her feet and with her dignity, handled herself well on the show. 

Hill has faced many obstacles and attacks on her character and livelihood in the past year, but shes also been celebrated by the African-American community and women all over the world who to this day recognize her as one of the few people who had the guts to call out the President and say what millions of Americans were thinking.

The View February 21, 2018 : Jemele Hill; Laurie Metcalf

The View February 21, 2018.

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