Jemele and Cari Begin Historical TV Journey On Vice

Tonight sports talk fans will be in for a treat as veteran sports journalist Jemele Hill and Cari Champion will debut their brand-stanking new talk show “Stick to Sports” on Vice.

Jemele, as you damn well already know, began her career in print journalism before moving over to ESPN, working closely with long time colleague Michael Smith and making appearances on other ESPN shows.

She eventually departed after multiple instances which saw her draw the ire of conservative viewers and sponsors regarding her opinions on Colin Kaepernick, President Trump and other views that highlighted her independent mindset.

Cari Champion, who started at ESPN on ‘First Take’, mediating verbal wars between ESPN’s most recognizable talking heads, eventually moved onto ‘Sports Nation’ and anchored ‘Sportscenter’ before breaking ties with the self-proclaimed worldwide leader. She faced multiple instances of misogyny and harassment from viewers via social media during her time there.

The move couldn’t have come at a better time as journalists from across sports are increasingly urged to stay apolitical in light of the current American social climate as the election looms just months away.

The show’s title is a thumb in the eye to gatekeepers and producers who’d rather Black women remain silent and grateful instead of confident and steadfastly intelligent. The new dynamic duo didn’t waste any time making an impact with King James leading off as their first-ever guest.

The Shadow League wishes them nothing but the best.

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