Jeff Johnson Doesn’t Want To Be Successful. He Wants To Be Great.

Jeff Johnson is a teller of stories, developer of messages, and architect of social solutions, who is as comfortable in front of the camera as he is behind the scenes, developing strategy and messages for his clients.

The Power of 5- Jeff Johnson Part 1

The award-winning journalist and communications specialist is currently managing principal for the Baltimore-based strategy firm JIJ Communications, where he provides strategic insight and messaging consulting to clients in the private, public, and entertainment sectors. His client list includes Google, Oppenheimer Funds, the City of Cleveland and Victorias Secret. Over the last two decades, Johnson has developed expertise in communications, political engagement, and strategic consulting to create a unique career committed to developing solutions and systemic change. He calls it double bottom line impact and is committed to it for both his personal brand and that of his clients. Johnson feels that we have to make fiscal and social impact part of our metrics for success. 

If we have one without the other, we have not done our job.

The Power of 5 showcases five men who have the ultimate drive to be successful and perform at the highest level in their fields. Watch the Unplugged video to hear about their journey and more as BMW presents The Power of 5!

The Power of 5- Jeff Johnson Part 2

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