Jay Z Makes Jason Kidd Part Owner In Farewell To The Nets

Jay Z had to sell his share of the Brooklyn Nets in order to complete his transformation to sports super agent, and he'll complete the circle of life by selling his stock to Jason Kidd. Kidd will buy Jay's 1/15th share for $500,000.

Kidd, now the coach of the Brooklyn Nets, suggested in 2003 that the New Jersey Nets talk to Jay Z about becoming an owner. Once Jay got involved, the move to Brooklyn earned a measure of cultural legitimacy, and virtually guaranteed the arena would be used for much more than just basketball. 

A few years down the road, and the team is loaded with several Hall of Famers with a shot at a deep playoff run. And what started as a suggestion for Kidd turned into his first head coaching opportunity plus a stake in the team. Pretty solid run on all accounts.