Jay-Z Addresses Kanye, Trump On New Meek Mill Track

Jay-Z puts Trump’s antics for manipulating Kanye West on full display with his verse on Meek Mill’s new track What’s Free.


Jay-Z rapped about Trump’s Kanye West manipulation Friday in Meek Mill’s new track “What’s Free.”

Although West took to Twitter to announce his distance from politics, he’s been known to praise Donald Trump publicly. Now, it isn’t entirely clear what kind of relationship Hov and Ye currently have. But, it’s clear that Jay-Z has seen Kanye’s recent antics.

On “What’s Free,” which also features MMG rapper Rick Ross, Jay raps: ” No red hat, don’t Michael and Prince me and Ye / They separate you when you got Michael and Prince’s DNA /  I ain’t one of these house n****s you bought / My house like a resort, my house bigger than yours / My spou ― c’mon, man ― my route better of course…”

Even though we didn’t receive a line from him, Meek Mill has previously shared his disappointment with Kanye’s White House visit in an interview with Vulture.

“I don’t think [Kanye] addressed anything that had to do with what was tough on justice reform. He wasn’t prepared for it, and he shouldn’t have done it.” 

 “I had phone calls with Kanye for hours. He was trying to get me to go to things like that,” he says. His conversations with Kim Kardashian West, he says, were more promising — “She knew a lot more information than I thought she would know” — but ultimately just as fruitless. “I just couldn’t reason with them.”

Update: Jay-Z’s Twitter account responded to recent social media comments on his “What’s Free” verse.

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