James Dolan Is Why The Knicks Can’t Have Nice Things

James Dolan is a wild dude. Jerry Jones gets a lot of flack for his hands-on management of the Dallas Cowboys, but in comparison to Dolan, he's an absentee owner. He's pretty much the J.R. Smith of owners. He also swaps out executives like Andrew Bynum does haircuts. In September, he removed the executive that built their 54-win roster just two years after Donnie Walsh ran for the hills.

Dolan is on another tear. Just three games into the season, his new target is Steve Mills, the man he promoted to replace Glen Grunwald. After the Knicks surrendered 40 first quarter points to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Sunday, Dolan reportedly tore into Mills in the general manager's suite. Dolan also has even taken issue with the team dancers.

Via New York Daily News:

Dolan has become such a hands-on owner — figuratively speaking — that, according to a source, he doesn’t want the dancers dancing. Crazy, right? The same guy who wanted creative input on the dancers’ outfits (and he’s good at it) apparently ordered that the girls’ roles be reduced to mostly throwing T-shirts into the crowd. They performed maybe one routine on Sunday.

There is no rhyme or reason to Dolan's actions or decisions. People who are liable to fly off the handle like this make poor leaders. They're reckless, erratic and that describes Dolan perfectly. Lighting a fire underneath your team's behind is different than having players and management walk on hot coals 24/7 around a rash owner while fire alarms blare around a coach who is inexplicably simmering on the hot seat.  The point is, Dolan must be stopped. Right now he's in the process of driving the Ferrari of NBA organizations off a cliff. This is why the Knicks can't have nice things.