Jaguars’ Owner Would Sign Colin Kaepernick But Don’t Hold Your Breath

When it comes to signing Colin Kaepernick, it’s like a Sunshine Anderson song- “Heard it all before.”

The Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens all gave us the okey-doke when it came to signing Kap, and now the Jacksonville Jaguars have entered the arena.

When Mike Dempsey of WJXL radio in Jacksonville asked the team’s owner, Shad Khan, if he would be interested in signing Kap he responded “Absolutely.”

Mike Dempsey on Twitter

Mr. Khan reiterated that he was open to anything his football people sugggested to make the Jaguars better.

But as is par for the course this offseason, the team apparently feels that it wouldn’t be any better than it is now with Kap, and this is after watching the continued regression of Blake Bortles and the consistently poor play of Chad Henne. It doesn’t look like head coach Doug Marrone will be jumping on the Kap bandwagon anytime soon, even after only scoring 8 points in the team’s game against the Bucs last week.

“I don’t work with the ‘outside the roster’ stuff,” said Marrone in response to question regarding a starting QB not being on the roster yet. “So for me, I can’t answer that question. I work with what we have.”

So the excuses continue. Is it any wonder why the fans have taken to the streets now?

Rally for Kap 2017

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