Jada Pinkett Smith and Terrence Howard Added to FOX Shows

    The lovely and talented Jada Pinkett Smith will be returning to television, for the first time since starring in and producing the TNT drama Hawthorne, in FOX’s Batman prequel Gotham. The show will explore the origin story surrounding Commissioner James Gordon as a rookie detective for Gotham City and that of Bruce Wayne, who fans know as Batman’s secret identity, during the time following the death of Wayne’s parents.

    Jada will play Fish Mooney, a sadistic gangland boss with a hair-trigger temper. Ben McKenzie will play Commissioner Gordon, while actor Lord Taylor is onboard as the Penguin, who is Jada's subordinate in this storyline. There's no word yet on who will play Bruce Wayne. But this show is not the only one we're looking forward to checking on Fox.

    Actor Terrence Howard will team up with director Lee Daniels and writer Danny Strong on the FOX drama Empire. Described as a family drama set in a hip-hop media empire, Howard will play Lucious Lyon, a music superstar who takes over his company. Taking his relationship with FOX to the next level, Howard is also slated to appear on the network's upcoming show Wayward Pines.