“@JacksonMahomes You Didn’t Have To Lie To Us” | Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Accused Of Scamming Small Business

Jackson Mahomes, brother of NFL superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes, is having an issue.

His brand credibility is being tested, as an online snacks business claims Mahomes agreed to do social media influencer work for them in exchange for a package, but he never did it.

Jackson Not Ma-homie?

Rare Munchiez is a company that claims to be the No. 1 player in the game for exotic food and drinks.

The company took to social media to out Jackson Mahomes, who they claim approached them for the opportunity, only not to hold up his end of the bargain.

“This man right here scammed us and lied to us. Let me show you guys how. So he hit us up saying we had some cool items, so we agreed to send him a care package, but we said can you tag us on your story when you receive it, and he said, yeah, so you know what, we didn’t really think twice about it, so we sent him the care package.

“Once he received the package, we asked him multiple times, like, ‘Hey, it says delivered did you get it?’ He ignored all of them and never posted us on his story. But yeah, that’s pretty much the moral of the story, man. Jackson, you didn’t have to lie, bro; we could have just donated it to you.”

Social Media Viciously Attacks Patrick Mahomes’ Little Brother Jackson For Doing TikTok On Memorial Of WFT Legend Sean Taylor

Relationship Gone Stale

Rare Munchiez posted the Instagram direct messages between Mahomes and themselves where Mahomes agreed to the proposition.

“It would mean a lot if you can just give us a story tag when you receive it please,” Rare Munchiez DM’d to Mahomes.

“Yup I got u,” Mahomes sent back.

This is not the first time Mahomes has been outed on social media for alleged questionable behavior.


@jacksonmahomes you didn’t have to lie to us 😔 #raremunchiez #mahomes #scammed #viral #storytime #fyp

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Bad Behavior

Last December, Mahomes was the subject of a scathing reproach by a Kansas City bar. Mahomes slammed the bar on Instagram after it could not seat his party.

The bar clapped back, checking Mahomes for his famous sibling privilege.

In addition, Jackson has become a popular figure on TikTok by putting out short dance videos during pregame from the sidelines. However, during a Sunday Chiefs game against the Washington Commanders last year, Mahomes danced while standing on Sean Taylor’s number, who was honored at halftime.

Jackson received plenty of criticism online in response.

Family Affair?

The issues were so significant that rumors circulated Twitter alleging the Chiefs quarterback had banned his Jackson Mahomes and even his fiancée, Brittany Matthews, from attending games next season.

Last month Brittany came under fire on social media after spraying champagne into the crowd during a Chiefs playoff win. Mahomes’ mother Randi even jumped to the defense of her family, posting for their critics to “stop hating,” adding the hashtag “delete bullies.”

While Patrick Mahomes brings in the glory, Jackson Mahomes takes social media joking too far.

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