“I’ve Been There And Done It Before, This Is A New Ride For Him” | Dell Curry Won’t Be Making Any Bets With Newbie Playoff Dad Tee Morant

(Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)

The NBA playoffs are a spectacle, but when Steph Curry and Ja Morant are involved that raises the stakes even more. 

With the Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies playing two wild games at FedEx Forum in Memphis, and deadlocked at 1-1, many are clamoring for the same type of excitement when the series shifts to Chase Center in San Francisco this weekend. 

Right in the thick of it are the dads of Steph and Ja, Dell Curry and Tee Morant. Dell in his usual seat a few rows from the floor and Tee right on the floor in the heart of the action. In the Grizzlies last series Tee made a friendly wager with Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns’ dad. The losing dad had to win the jersey of the winning son. 

That won’t be the case this series as Dell has been there and done that, watching his son Steph make deep playoff runs for the last half decade and win three titles. This is Tee’s first rodeo, so his excitement and thirst for the camera is understandable. 

In an interview prior to Game 2 with Warriors Live: Playoff Edition, the elder Curry talked about why he won’t be wagering anything with Tee.


“I just spoke to Tee a little while ago. No bets. I’ve been there and done it before. This is a new ride for him. I understand all that. I’m not going to have the bet like he and Karl-Anthony Towns’ dad did. No, it’s none of that. It’s new for him. He’s enjoying the ride and rightfully so. I was just as excited as he is right now when the Warriors were on their first ride, when my sons got to the league.”
“So I understand where he’s at, “ Curry continued. “But I can sit back and enjoy it knowing that we’ve been there before and we know how to get there. But it’s exciting and great to watch him experience what I’ve been through, knowing what he feels every single night. I don’t have to sit courtside. I love the seat where I am at, whether it’s here or home. But it’s good stuff to see where he’s at right now.”


Curry’s method of watching his son’s journey toward a title is totally different from what took place in the opening round series between the Grizz and T-Wolves. With Tee Morant and KAT Sr. sitting side-by-side for the final five games of the series, it was nonstop laughs, giggles, taunting and mutual respect for one another and their sons, who are both stars in today’s game. In the end Tee won the bet, and KAT Sr. made good on it.


Seeing Black Men Supporting Their Sons Is Priceless

Bigger than what took place on the floor is what we witnessed. Two Black fathers who’ve played an integral role in their sons’ success, being able to sit courtside and take part in that very success. So many times society criticizes and harps on absentee father figures in the lives of Black males, but this is a feel-good story. 

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When you look at today’s society many of the NBA fathers go against the stereotypes. From LaVar Ball to Shawn Holiday, the father of the Holiday trio, Jrue, Justin and Aaron. It’s understandable why Tee Morant is so passionate about these playoffs. He and his son defied the odds he’s immersing himself in the moment. A moment that Dell Curry has already experienced many times before.