“It’s Not Like He Looks Great. He Needs To Shave.” | Deion Sanders Wants Son Shedeur To Get Rid Of New Hairstyle

(Photo: @deionsanders/Instagrsm)

SWAC Freshman of the Year Shedeur Sanders is the youngest of Coach Prime’s three sons. He’s long been the even-keeled, curly-haired signal caller of all the team’s his dad had coached. Some say he’s a spitting image of Deion when the Pro Football Hall of Famer was around the age Shedeur is now. 

Recently, Shedeur popped-out with a look his Hall of Fame dad once sported. Yup, that’s right, his hair is now sporting braids or plaits like Old School Prime, AKA Neon Deon. 

Deion isn’t too impressed by his son’s new hairstyle, and he let him know about it.

“It’s not like he looks great, he needs to shave,” Deion said. 

The Eddie Robinson Award-winning coach’s middle son Shilo also has braids in his hair, much to the dismay of dad.


Dad Said It’s Not Endorsable Hair

As the two talked about Shedeur’s new look, the star signal caller can be heard telling his pop to “stop hating on him.” Shedeur then says that the only reason Deion doesn’t like it is because he didn’t come up with the idea. 

Sanders claims he wasn’t hating at all. It’ a matter of simple math. He told Shedeur it’s not “endorsable hair.”

An interesting angle to throw at Shedeur, who’s signed NIL deals with Gatorade, Brady Brand and Beats By Dre. Timing is everything, and Deion understands that as well as anyone when it comes to marketing and branding. What moved the needle 30 years ago might not play the same way in 2022. Also, why mess up a good thing? The deals are pouring in. 

This isn’t the first time Deion has been critical of his sons following in his footsteps a bit too much. 

Deion Once Kicked Shedeur And Shilo Out On Christmas For Having Ears Pierced

In 2015, Shilo and Shedeur’s mom took them to get their ears pierced. When they returned to Deion’s home he kicked them out. Sanders and ex-wife Pilar went through a pretty ugly divorce that played out publicly in the media and on reality TV. 

At the time, Shilo took to Instagram to voice his displeasure with Deion’s actions toward him and his brother.

“Went to my dad’s house, he kicked me out because I got my ears pierced with my mom. No presents on Christmas. Thanks for ruining my Christmas pops.”
“Not everything is how it looks on IG.”

Shedeur piggybacked his older brother’s sentiments in his Instagram post.

“Everyone in the house has their ears pierced. But once me and Shilo got it, it’s a problem.”

Deion, known for his swagger and flamboyance during his NFL days, always rocked foaming stud earrings and often gold hoops

Shedeur And Shilo Are Adults Now: With NIL Deals In Tow

That was when they were 15 and 13 years old, respectively. Now they are 20 and 22 and key pieces to Coach Prime’s Jackson State football program. They also have their own money coming in via NIL deals, and are considered young adults. So dad can’t really force them to conform to anything he desires as far as their hair and fashion choices are concerned. 

But Deion admits that the dad in him will always voice his opinion, whether they want to hear it or not.