“It’s Not Going To Happen In Baltimore” | Shannon Sharpe Says Antonio Brown Will Play In NFL Again, But Not For The Ravens 

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Earlier in the week Antonio Brown suggested that he would love to join the Ravens. Baltimore superstar QB Lamar Jackson didn’t waste any time showing support for AB’s tweet.

In between attending fashion shows with Kanye and Pharell and Pusha T …

and doing a “Real Sports” special with Bryant Gumbel, AB also posted a pic of himself wearing a Baltimore Ravens jersey and flexing a strong man pose. The rumor mill really picked up after AB trolled everyone and fanned the flames. He does that to make sure he still has everyone locked into his movements. 


Shannon Sharpe has been critical of AB but admits that the mercurial wide receiver will probably get yet another crack at making someone’s roster. 

“I saw the interviews … It’s hard to gauge. He had those same injuries when he got targeted 15 times for 10 catches. All of a sudden you’re not getting 15 targets. You don’t have 10 catches. It hurts a little more. I get it. But for me, Skip, I don’t see it happening in Baltimore. Do I see one of the other teams that he hasn’t already played for giving Antonio Brown an opportunity? I do, because they’re going to talk themselves into it. And he’ll be on his best behavior when he comes in for the interview, and they’ll give him this opportunity”. 

Sharpe explained that Baltimore is a team built on running and defense, and AB won’t have the targets to satisfy him.

“If he [Lamar Jackson] throws 25 passes,10 of the targets are going to (tight end) Mark Andrews. Probably five or six are going to hit the dirt and another four or five will fly over the guys’ head. It’s a bad situation if you’re the Ravens.”

Shannon was also taking some shots at Jackson’s ability to get the ball to AB. The former MVP, who once led the NFL in TD passes (36) has been the subject of constant criticism about his passing skills. Despite having some big passing games, the narrative is that Jackson still needs to polish up his aerial act if the Ravens want to be legit Super Bowl contenders.

“I said at the time that he did it, that someone was going to give him an opportunity. I didn’t think it was going to be this year because there had been too much damage and he said his ankle is one of the reasons why he couldn’t play.”
Sharpe adds that even NFL insider Josina Anderson said: “If AB wanted a job, he could have a job.”

AB is still intending to file a legal suit against the Bucs, but he also has a reinvigorated desire to take another crack at the league.

Based upon his interview with Gumbel, AB and his lawyer are maintaining that he did nothing wrong and was in fact the victim of egregious and borderline unethical mismanagement by the Bucs medical staff and the coaching staff. 

AB is also insisting that it’s nothing but love between him and his former teammates, despite the fact that he left the team seriously weakened and damaged their Super Bowl chances. 

Guys might still like you, but that doesn’t mean they trust you to go to war with them on the gridiron. Once you let it be known that you can bounce at any time with no regard for the other men you are fighting with, then maybe it’s time to just hang with Madonna and Kanye and the socialites and put the game of football behind you.

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